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Strategic Event Planning - June 9, 2030 #NoPoverty2030



Free African Society for the 21st Century (FAS2) is an historic community of believers within a broader global community of 2.4 billion believers. National Learn-2-Earn (L2E) is a U.S. demonstration of FAS2 to include Americans of any or no faith.  Seven break-out task forces are sponsored by 2 or more “whole villages” (families) gathered in the name of Jesus The Christ.  Each of the seven break-out task forces hosts sustained dialogue on historically unmet needs of the community.  The vision, “carrying out the spirit of the original Free African Society” is quantified by historically unmet needs, demonstrated by 100 Generation Alpha believers engaged to #PlayTheGame.  Provision is quantified by “Tumelo” (faith), intentional work and a global capacity for debt forgiveness through a replicable $100 m reparations trust. 

Ministry leaders seeking to partner may submit a request for inclusion at

WHO -  The National Learn-2-Earn (L2E) Partnership L2E is a demonstration project organized by its global partners to engage 2.4 billion believers in achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1  #NoPoverty2030 

WHAT -- #NoPoverty is a global vision of the future to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere.”  Provision for #NoPoverty2030 as the first of 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development is sustained engagement by any two of 2.4 billion believers who believe “all things are possible.” 


WHEN – A timeline for promotion of economic inclusion considers Chronos and Kairos in the historic aphorism, TIME IS MONEY.   If the need for more money exists to achieve #NoPoverty2030, and a pattern of distrust about money impedes progress, one might consider the possibility that more time is needed to achieve #NoPoverty2030.  For 2.4 billion believers, Pentecost is a Kairos event on their individual and collective Chronos timeline.   It normally occurs on a liturgical calendar fifty days after another Kairos event.  The Resurrection of Jesus is the Christian belief that Jesus Christ came back to life on the third day after his crucifixion by the Romans in approximately AD 30–33. In Christian theology, the death and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events, a foundation of the Christian faith, and commemorated by Easter.


WHEREThe New Stradford Hotel Upon Black Wall Street  is a vision for a family-owned enterprise.  The New Stradford Hotel is based on the original J.B. Stradford Hotel, 301 N. Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, OK.  On May 31,1921, the property was one of the two largest of some 600 Black-owned businesses on Tulsa’s Greenwood community, also known as Black Wall Street.  By the next day, June 1, 1921,  rioters bombed and burned the J.B. Stradford Hotel.  It was never rebuilt.  But the house next door, Historic Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church, stood 100 years later as a reminder that “the best is yet to come.”  


WHY – To achieve a global vision for #NoPoverty2030, believers will need to engage a global village.  The Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to “Healing the Soul of America" calls for a sustainable demonstration in the midst of historic and systemic resistance.  The historic first visit by an American president to Black Wall Street, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 1921 race riot, signaled that America is ready willing and able to heal itself.  The church, on Pentecost Sunday 9, 2030  is like “new wine” bursting from an old wine skin.  


HOW -- #ThePentecostProject starts immediately with an #Epiphany—the miracle of more time to achieve #NoPoverty2030. Strategic planning is based on a quadrennial meeting model dating back to 1816.  Common vision for this model is to “carry out the spirit of the original Free African Society…” 


GRANT DEVELOPMENT -- Intentional grant development engages existing L2E partner entities in identifying human needs in seven categories.   Projects specifically support Generation Alpha believers as “the church.”  Development is demonstrated through a replicable reparations trust which ensures sustainability of “the whole village that raises the child.”   

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