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FOR SUB-CONTRACTOR APPLICANTS: The next step in assessing your readiness for LEARN-2-EARN is getting to the interview.   We are evaluating MICROSOFT TEAMS to support interviews from your desktop as well as mobile device.  You will need to download and install MICROSOFT TEAMS to get there. 


TheEnterpriZe will continue to use Skype For Business to conduct LIVE MEETINGS for our client, Youth Achievers USA Institute.  Please use a computer if you are participating in a LIVE MEETING.



Thanks for taking the time to learn more about TheEnterpriZe. 

Cost-effective nonprofit operation is a top priority for YouthUSA.  We use an easy to access LIVE MEETINGS feature to conduct business meetings. 

These meetings rely on participants who are READY, WILLING and ABLE to save time and money on collaborative efforts. You can fully participate in our interactive LIVE MEETINGS by following some basic instructions.


You will need a working computer with webcam connected to hi-speed internet. Please do not use a mobile device for our LIVE MEETINGS.

Here are some important steps to help you get you into our LIVE MEETINGS. Please Note: Web Access to SKYPE-FOR-BUSINESS is NOT the same as your personal version of SKYPE

1.  You will need a working computer with webcam connected to hi-speed internet.

2.  You need to get your computer ready BEFORE the scheduled meeting.

3.  Use your Microsoft EDGE browser for the meeting.

4.  Open your browser to


6.  Select the Web App, Download it and install it to your computer.

7.  Reboot your computer after the install.

8.  Click on LIVE MEETINGS

9.  Select Web App

10. As a guest, you need to type in your Name

11. You will see a CAMERA and MICROPHONE icon at the bottom center of the LIVE MEETING window.

12. You will see a CHAT feature at the bottom left of the LIVE MEETING window.

13. TheEnterpriZe provides technical assistance in lighting and camera placement to enhance your participation in LIVE MEETINGS.

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